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Frequent Asked Questions

Ball-Virtual is a fully functional telemedicine practice, offering services to new and established patients. We primarily provide services in the states where Dr. Ball is licensed: Arizona and Oklahoma. However, in our present pandemic some states are allowing out-of-state medical licensure to provide telemedicine service in their state.

Most appointments take 15 minutes or less, while new patient appointments usually take less than 30 minutes. After your visit, Dr. Ball will determine what’s next, whether that’s a treatment plan, a prescription, or further investigation which could include lab work or radiographic imaging at a facility near you. Dr. Ball will also be able to make referrals when necessary.

If you are seeing this page then payment has been setup correctly. Please contact Dr. Ball if you would like to update payment plan.

Seasonal allergies, bronchitis, asthma, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, obesity, some sport injuries, acute infections, thyroid disease, headaches, situational anxiety, gastritis and other GI issues, pediatric illnesses, adult medicine, and much more…

What Our Patients Think

"Dr. Ball offers compassionate care embracing diversity understanding everybody deserves tailored care based on their own individual circumstances. He even speaks Spanish."
Sergio A. Porras, PA-C
"I Have Known Dr Curtis Ball For At Least 30 Years. Although He Is An Amazing Friend, I Can Honestly Say He Has Been An Amazing Dr. And Is Responsible For Finding Out That I Was A Diabetic And Saved My Life As I Was In DKA When I Found Out And Was Transferred To The ICU To Recover!! Dr Ball!! Special Friend And Great Dr!!"
Kim H.
"While Living in Midwest City Oklahoma I Had The Privilege to Have Dr Curtis E. Ball as my Primary Dr. He is a Very Carrying,Patience and Lovely Person.He will Take the Time to Explain the Medication or Answer any Questions that I Had. I was so Blessed to Have Him as My Dr."
Gloria Rodriguez
"As a hospital nurse I worked with Dr. Ball for 4 years. He is knowledgeable and compassionate. You couldn’t ask for a better physician to take care of you or your loved ones."
Mindy, RN
"In my experience working with Dr. Ball, I always felt secure in knowing that my patients would receive appropriate care, in timely manner! Paired with his awesome bedside manner and compassion towards patients, it was always a pleasure to work together!"
Asha, RN
"While living in Midwest City, Oklahoma, I had the privilege of seeing Dr. Ball for my medical needs. He is a wonderful professional in wholistic medicine with a positive attitude towards patients."
Mr. Rodriguez Jr.

Why Choose Dr. Ball?

Dr. Ball takes a holistic approach, placing emphasis on preventive medicine, healthy lifestyle choices and behaviors that can significantly impact your health over time!