There is a young lady of many of years ago who’s name was Tamar. She was the daughter of a king who had a son named Amnon who was her half brother. She was beautiful and still a virgin. He lusted after her terribly. And as the story goes, he asked some of his servants to tell her that he was really sick and to come see about it. When she arrived, he threw her down, manhandled her and raped her! And with the same strong emotion that he lusted for her he now despised her and demanded she leave his presence. She ran out his chambers, with clothes half ripped off of her. Her big bother saw her, deep inside she probably felt that he would hold her with pureness, comfort her and lets her know that he will be with her every step of the way through the shame, guilt, worthlessness that she must have felt, but instead, he said, “ssssh, dont tell anyone. Nothing else is said of her, but that she became a desolate woman. I will continue this story, from the perspective of if things would have been done differently in a book I am working on called, TAMAR’S HOPE, Recovering from a Desolate Place.

Stay tuned in and be inspired!

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